Other Services

We provide other localization & translation services on request, for example:

Linguistic Assessment
We can provide unbiased third-party assessment to determine the quality of your existing content. This can be done with target vs. source, or simply target content.

Translation Memory Management
Update and maintenance of your bilingual content in a dedicated database. The update ensures that all of the content is saved and your database grows project after project. The maintenance ensures that any terminology changes that may occur along your project lifecycle are reflected in the existing translation memory content. Both ensure the greatest level of consistency for future projects.

File Alignment
Regain control over your content! If you already localized content, but do not have ownership of your translation memories, we can help you create them. Simply provide us with matching source and target content – e.g. one web page in source language and the corresponding web page in a target language. We will create a translation memory, which will allow you to leverage existing content for future localization projects. Again, consistency is key!

Terminology Management
Your terminology is an important component of your brand, as it conveys your identity. Make sure your message does not get diluted by taking ownership of your preferred terms. We will create and maintain your glossaries to ensure consistency of your content.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your request doesn’t fit in a category, we will do our best to meet your needs!