Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine Translation (MT) Post-Editing (PEMT) is growing in popularity for large projects where deadline and budget are priority. This method is best suited to help with manuals, documentation, and other non-marketing types of content.

We love learning new technology, and have spent time exploring and refining our process. Our CEO Michel Lopez has even given several talks on PEMT:

  • On Good and Bad machine translation projects, as a member of a GALA panel during the ATA conference in San Francisco in 2011 (read the report)
  • On Managing large MT-post editing projects, at the AMTA (Association for Machine Translation in the Americas) Conference in San Diego in 2012 (read the abstract)

Want to get the most out of MT? Check if your technical editors follow these best practices:

  1. Use short, concise, grammatically simple sentences
  2. Avoid colloquialisms and slang
  3. Use proper punctuation
  4. Proofread for spelling errors

If you need help selecting or implementing a machine translation engine, we can help! Every year, we manage large Machine Translation Post-Editing projects covering millions of words, so we could quickly build a team of post-editors for your next large project!