Localization Staffing

e2f provides both short- and long-term translation and localization staffing solutions for San Francisco Bay Area companies, from Silicon Valley to the Golden Gate. We’ve been able to get our pre-qualified staff placed in as little as 24 hours.

Whether you need a single resource for a week or a team of ten for six months, with e2f you don’t have to handle the hassle of recruitment. We do the job postings, screening interviews, fluency testing and paperwork. For linguistic positions, we ensure all candidates have the equivalent fluency of a native speaker.

Do you need a French game tester? A Japanese website QA specialist? A multilingual project manager?

Our experienced staff will work closely with you during recruitment, screening and placing highly professional localization resources in areas such as:

 Position Short Term Long Term
 Linguistic Quality Assurance
 Internationalization/Localization Engineer
 Project Management
 Voiceover Talent
 Other Linguistic-Related Positions

e2f recruits, screens and presents candidates to work on your specific projects. Once you approve, these staff members are placed on e2f’s payroll. We manage all the HR related issues so that you can simply focus on your core responsibilities. We oversee the training of your contracted employees based on your project’s unique needs, procedures and practices.

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