Desktop Publishing

Do you have a project where conserving layout and other aesthetic considerations are crucial?

e2f’s in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) team specializes in helping our partners in the marketing and print industries format product catalogs, operating manuals, brochures, annual reports, and other documentation. We help produce professional quality desktop publishing in any format and any language.

Why choose e2f?

1. In-House Capability
We do it ourselves, so it allows for complete control over the deadlines and provides fast, high-quality turnarounds.

2. Cultural Impact
We care about the cultural impact of the appearance and the linguistic content of localized products. DTP is backed by our skilled translation team, who verify the appearance of language-specific hyphenation, punctuation and accented characters in the text.

3. Unlimited Languages
Do you need formatting in French? Layouts in German? A catalog in Japanese? Brochures in JFIGS? We’re not limited by language.

4. We’re Format-Friendly!
Our formats include QuarkExpress™, InDesign™, Illustrator™, Photoshop™, and FrameMaker™.