How to launch a translation project allows you to easily translate and localize your app. Yu can upload your files to translate, select languages, get an instant quote, pay by credit card, and launch the project with ease.

Want to try? Have these ready:

  1. Your app metadata (title, description, keywords)  
  2. Your app strings (optional, if you want to localize the app)
  3. Any references 
  4. Desired languages
  5. Credit card for check-out


Getting a quote

Step 1: Project Details

App Title

Please enter the name of your mobile application. Let us know if it should be translated, transcreated (translated, transliterated, adapted or left intact depending on the country), or left in the source language. Translation is a more literal interpretation of the text and transcreation is a more creative cultural adaption.

Selecting a domain helps us allocate our human translators by providing better context for the translation task.

Source Language
What language are you using as you fill out this form? This selection should also be the same as any localization files that are added to this project. The source language is the language the app is created in.

Target Languages
The target language is the language you want to translate into. What language(s) shall we provide you with a translation? You can use our ‘shortcut’ buttons to select groups of common target languages, or use the drop-down box to select your own set of target languages. These can also be tailored to your needs:

  • FIGS (French for France, Italian, German, and Spanish for Spain) are the leading four languages in the European market.
  • CJK (Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and Korean) are the most common languages to break into the Asian market
  • W.Eur (Dutch for Netherlands, French for France, German, Italian, Portuguese for Portugal, and Spanish for Spain) has the leading Western European languages
  • N.Eur (Danish for Denmark, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish) are the common Northern European languages
  • S.AM (Portuguese for Brazil and Spanish for Mexico) are the 2 leading languages for South America
  • All selects all languages
  • Select allows you to customize
  • None removes all languages

Don’t see all the languages you need? Contact for help.


What is the target platform is this mobile application? 


Enter the desired text as you would enter it in the mobile application store’s “Description” section. This is the main area for your app metadata.

What’s New

Enter the desired text as you would enter it in the mobile application store’s “What’s New” section.


Enter the keywords as you would enter it in the mobile application store’s “Keywords” section. This is very important for the discoverability of your app. Please separate words with commas.

Type of translation for Keywords

Let us know whether you want us to translate the keywords or adapt them (in which case we will do our best to use standard SEO/ASO techniques to increase the discoverability of your app in the target language) 

Localize this app?

If you have extracted the strings from your app and are ready to localize it, select Yes, then press Select file and upload your localization file. The following file types are supported, as well as any ZIP file containing files of these types.

Android Resources (.xml)

Apple strings files (.strings)

Desktop files (.desktop)

Gettext-based formats (.po, .pot)

Java property files (.properties)

Joomla INI files (.ini)

Magento CSV files (.csv)

Maker Interchange Format files (.mif)

Mozilla DTD files (.dtd)

Mozilla Property files (.properties)

PHP files (.php)

Plain text files (.txt)

Property List files (.plist)

Qt Linguist (.ts)

Subtitle formats (.srt, .sub, .sbv)

Wiki markup (.wiki)

Windows resource files (.resx)

HTML/XHTML files (.html, .xhtml)

XLIFF (.xlf, .xliff, .xml)

YAML (.yml, .yaml)

Project Number (optional)
Enter a project number that will help you reference back if necessary.
Example: Submission date, your own accounting number

Project Name (optional)
Enter a name that will be descriptive for your reference and also to help us reference in future submissions.

Additional Instructions

Use this field to provide more details, such as tone of voice, how to handle User Interface (UI) (i.e. “target” only or “source (target)” format), the intended audience, and any other instructions you feel are important for a successful translation.

Step 2: Launch Project

Your project is now ready. Wordcount and Total price have been updated automatically in the top right corner of the form. Just click on Launch Project, enter your Credit Card details and we will start immediately!  We accept major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Paying online is safe through our third-party service and your information will never be shared.


The wordcount is the number of words from the source text that need to be translated. It will reflect repetitions if you have uploaded a Translation Memory (TM).

Total Price
The quote totals will vary depending on the number of languages chosen and the translation service selected and the Wordcount

We know quality matters.

Our process includes our time-tested and in-demand integrated translation methodology; professional linguists will translate and review the project, ensuring high quality, public-ready translations. The translator completes the initial translation. The reviewer is a senior linguist that reviews and proofreads the files for completion, accuracy, cultural appropriateness, grammar, punctuation, and readability. Workspace allows you to track the progress of the translator and reviewer simultaneously.