We work with everyone, in every field and industry.

Every day, we work with a large variety of companies:

Language service providers (LSPs) consider us their best friends. Our smooth, integrated workflow  is cost effective and our quality high. Every year, we translate over 23 million words from English to French, for over 50 of the 100 largest worldwide LSPs (see Common Sense Advisory list). Through these multilingual vendors, we translate material for over 200 of Fortune 500 companies and over 50 of Fortune 50 companies in a wide variety industries and fields.

Localization Departments
L10n departments of multinational companies in a broad range of industries, providing everything from translation, to audio, to onsite staffing.

Independent Devs and Companies
App developers and small business owners, both those with experience in localization and those who are completely new to it.

What are we localizing?

Hardware Marketing Legal
Software Apps Patents
Technical Games Finance
Automotive Tourism Life Sciences
Insurance Communications Medical

We have linguistic teams that specialize in a wide variety of fields, most have university degrees in their specialty and a master’s in translation!