App Localization

We love apps. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we thrive at software localization and learning the latest innovations.

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Some Apps We’ve Recently Localized

More Apps and Formats

We don’t stop at the App Store. Whether your app runs on iOS, Android, Google Apps or Facebook, we can handle the file formats. Need your website or other documents translated? Voice-over? We can help with those too! We have experience in the following formats:

Adobe files Android Resource files Apple strings files
Desktop files Gettext-based formats (PO files) HTML files
Java property files Joomla INI files Magento CSV files
Maker Interchange Format (MIF) files Microsoft Office documents Mozilla DTD files
Mozilla Property Files PHP files Plain text files
Property List (.plist) files Qt Linguist (TS files) Subtitle files
Wiki markup files Windows resource files (.resx) XHTML files
XLIFF files XML files YAML files

If you’re ready to localize your app or translate other documents,